Friday, October 14, 2011

run with the badger at the santa fe 5K

We had a blast at the Santa Fe 5K.  I am so excited that me and my running partners PR'ed in this race.  I manage to run this race in 29 mins:29sec!  That is an average of 9:31 mile.  Yes my lungs hurt some, and I had side cramps around mile 2 but I kept truckin!  We had a blast and way to many beers in the end.  I hope to see you all one day at a race.  For your enjoyment I attached a nice little video of the experience!

Santa Fe 5K

My Splits:
1 9:42.6  1.00  9:42.6
2 9:39.8  1.00  9:39.8
3 9:07.9  1.00  9:07.9
4 1:10.0  0.12  9:22.7