Tuesday, May 27, 2014

It's time for me to get back

I created this blog for me to express and encourage others in their journey.  I have fallen short of doing that . I look back at the last posting of my blog and I am like OH MY GOODNESS!  It has been far to long.  So it is time for me to get back, back to writing and not worry about the how it looks. 

I was thinking to myself this morning how I had lost my focus on life.  I am doing so much and I do not feel as if I am getting anywhere...like I am in a continual cycle.  Well it is time to start focusing on faith, family, friends, and fun.  

I will start to document my athletic journey the good the bad the ugly and the unglued.  Yep the unglued!!!! I will start to document my attempts to get faster, stronger and healthier.  I have few goals and some of them seem lofty...uhhhh like Ironman Competition.  Yep I said it I want to do it but only in Gods time.  I have a lot of steps I have to climb before I am somewhat mentally prepared to accomplish that.  

Yeah I need to get my head right first.  I have to not left outside circumstances sway me, I have to be focus and strong in my training and in life.  I have a lot of stuff that I need to overcome but I will do it.  So here is to training, coaching and living.  Lets do this!!!

M4W with Coach Keish