Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sat Training 1 28 12 by ragoobir1 at Garmin Connect - Details

Sat Training 1 28 12 by ragoobir1 at Garmin Connect - Details
Had to haul arse the 1st 2 miles. Came to the run 15 mins late and had to find my pace group. Took me 17 minutes to catch up with them. At one point I was running an 8:35 mile and I swore my chest was stabbing my heart with an invisible knife. Fast running and breathing in cod air NO BUENO! I kept going and FINALLY found my group. Ran for 4 more miles at the training pace and then took off on my on to complete 8 miles for today.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

DRC Thursday Social Run by ragoobir1 at Garmin Connect - Details

DRC Thursday Social Run - Details
Dayum the cold it was a great run out there. WRL can be scary at night but I had a great group and we did great! Check out my Splits. I think all the rice I ate an hour before gave me kick arse energy I felt like I could run and run and run.
1 12:11
2 10:30
3 10:50
4 10:47
5 9:53

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Dont want to hear the negatives!

I see and hear people comment negatively on their runs and I have to say this...Quit negating your runs.  Quit saying I had a bad run or a slow run or better yet I only did a mile.  We all have good and bad days BUT you have to keep in your mind any run is better than no run, there are plenty people not doing anything but sitting around doing nothing.  If your run was not the greatest then look to see where you can improve and find the positive!  Heck if nothing else just tell yourself I did it!
No one starts out as a Jackie Kersee, everyone has to start somewhere and no one starts out on top it takes time and practice.  Remember running is like any other relationship, if you love it you will work it to nurture and build it until you have a strong foundation and even then you have to continue to work!  So keep running, keep running (in my Dora Finding Nemo voice).  Be Blessed BGR!!!!!  Keep moving4word.  Have a great one knowing you did more than sit on the couch.

Monday, January 2, 2012

The1st run of the new year! by ragoobir1 at Garmin Connect - Details

The 1st run of the new year! by ragoobir1 at Garmin Connect - Click for Details

A beautiful day for a run. It was not my best nor was it my worse run but it was more that what a lot of people where doing today. OK let me get this off my chest, the elderly should not be driving, especially if they are on their cell phone wearing those sunglasses you wear when you get your pupils dilated! I almost got hit crossing the street! I was at the crossing and the light turned for me to cross as soon as I passed the midway point I saw this old arse tank from the 70's coming. Im thinking he will slow down and wait since I am already in the road. NOPE that was not the case he kept coming and almost lost control of the car trying to steer with one hand and talk with the other. I swear runners and bikers are not safe out there. Despite that I had a decent run, I made a couple of stops along the way. I had to go to the store and pick up a prescription since I had to pass by anyway, why not kill to birds with one stone. I even got some props running from a group of young guys! It was funny cause they were like "Gown get that heart rate up girl" LOL!!! Anyway below are my splits, enjoy!

Distance: 4.55 mi
Time: 49:36
Avg Pace: 10:54 min/mi
Elevation Gain: 195 ft
Calories: 561 C
Time: 49:36
Moving Time: 48:31
Elapsed Time: 1:03:09
Avg Pace: 10:54 min/mi
Avg Moving Pace: 10:40 min/mi
Best Pace: 4:59 min/mi

1 11:20.0 


310:57.4   10:57
410:45.2   10:45
55:41.3   10:24