Monday, June 17, 2013

Heat Illness is No Joke!

With the summer months upon us, it is necessary to understand and recognize heat related illnesses and how to treat them until help arrives. 
Please read and educate your self so you can be aware of the symptoms. Attached is a link that is a guide that may help you. 
Always carry a fully charged cell phone and more water then you think you need. If not for you for the next runner that may need your help. Run safe run smart!

Hydrate hydrate hydrate

Don't know of you are getting enough fluids? Let your tinkle be you guide. Not saying you should take this chart with you as you do you business but if it helps.... . Stay hydrated my friend. (In my dos Equis voice)

Thursday, June 13, 2013

All plans ain't the right plans!

All run plans are not created equal!  A good coach will understand this and take in consideration how much time you have to train, your current fitness level and your goals.  These three things will allow your coach to create a plan that is specific for you.  From foundation building to quality phase training!  I'm creating a plan for a cross country teen and its very important as his coach that i know these things to build a plan that is structured but will allow for adjustments as he gets stronger.  As you prepare for you training and race season please consider a certified coach or a RRCA run club with certified coaches you will appreciate the outcome!  

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Bikram does the body good

Today session was actually very good despite I have missed more than 2 weeks.  I had to leave 15 mins early so i did not get the full benefit of a "cool down position".  
More runners need to do some form of yoga. We do not do enough stretching and then wonder why we are so quickly injured.  As much as Bikram can drain the living day lights out of you it has helped me tremendously with my hip issues.  It also gives me time away to just be with others who are striving for better health. 

Wounded Wet Warrior

Today I ran Wounded Warrior half as a blind training run. I did not pay attention to my Garmin the entire time. I turned it upside down and ran. I was treating this as a LSD run, I wanted to see what I could by "feel" (if that makes sense). I wanted to see what felt right and if I could hit my training LSD pace by the way I felt. I just ran. There were no jack rabbit moments, just running and it felt nice. My chest did not hurt I did not feel as if I was red lining. My heart rate stayed where I wanted it. 

When I reviewed my Garmin my training pace was right on! This is how I know that I am doing the right thing when I train. Thee were not any major fluctuations in pace. There was the point where I had to slow down was were the trail got really dicey and then I picked it right back up. 

Last year time was 9 mins slower then today and I was racing then! LOL Funny how my old race pace is now my LSD training pace and I felt so much better this time around. Sub 2 here I come!!

Sometimes it more important to just run a race instead of racing a race. Everything does not have to be a PR, everything does not have to be about time. Sometimes you just have to enjoy and LEARNED from where you are. There are bigger things down the line that I am training for and if I blow it all out now. I won't have anything left in me.

Oh yeah the race was awesome!  We paid for a half and ended up with so much more!  

The race was delayed for an hour because of thunderstorms.  So here we are stick under the hotel garage waiting.  The Marriott was great, although they did not have to they let a lot of the runners just "camp" out until the run started.  Mad props for the hotel chain.  
The trail was flooded so of it was not detoured we ran trough it.  There was mud and hills and rocks and more rain!

My legs felt like I was carrying 5lb weights because my shoes were so wet. I had to laugh because I was thinking a snake would have popped up from the flood.  

I also make a wonderful couple.  today was their 1st half!!!  Today, It's was awesome!  
Me waiting out the storm 

Taking cover!
Me before the race

After my pancakes!
New friends!