Monday, February 4, 2013

Abs are meant to be lean 2013

Abs are meant to be lean 2013! This is a 3 week progression. I can do better I really have been slacking on my nutrition and water. When I takey next picture My abs may not be as pronounced because I have been lazy. We all are lazy at times but the point is you recognize that and keep stepping. So back to our Feb abs challenge!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Woe out from the Bik

Woe out! I can't even stand tall but i loves me some Bikram! Everyone needs a little Bikram or some form of yoga in their lives. Strength and flexibility is needed in our lives for healing and building. We are charged with taking care of this temporary shell we call our bodies.

My last long run

22.15 completed yesterday in 4:29. Nice and slow endurance run.
I am so glad I am in my taper week. Running/training for these distances take so much time out of my life. I want my Saturdays back. Lol