Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Dont want to hear the negatives!

I see and hear people comment negatively on their runs and I have to say this...Quit negating your runs.  Quit saying I had a bad run or a slow run or better yet I only did a mile.  We all have good and bad days BUT you have to keep in your mind any run is better than no run, there are plenty people not doing anything but sitting around doing nothing.  If your run was not the greatest then look to see where you can improve and find the positive!  Heck if nothing else just tell yourself I did it!
No one starts out as a Jackie Kersee, everyone has to start somewhere and no one starts out on top it takes time and practice.  Remember running is like any other relationship, if you love it you will work it to nurture and build it until you have a strong foundation and even then you have to continue to work!  So keep running, keep running (in my Dora Finding Nemo voice).  Be Blessed BGR!!!!!  Keep moving4word.  Have a great one knowing you did more than sit on the couch.