Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Get serious

We all need to get serious and quit playing with fitness.  Start setting goals and start kicking tail!

It was an eye opener when i was at the fair yesterday.  Its  bad enough when the adults look like crap and a look like a walking heart attack but when the kids look just as bad we have to quit!

I sorry but hell i look better than alot of these young folk. You can see the toxins in their skin.  The muffin tops that are squeezed into shirts and skinny jeans. The tired look on their faces because they are are not eating or drinking properly. 

Wake up people and get yo arse in gear.  Start out small, hell any change is better than no change, start by taking off those low rise skinny jeans that you know you dont need to be wearing and put on some sweats and go walk!