Sunday, October 2, 2011

Haters gonna hate but I dont care

Wear your blessings well! Others have not seen the sacrifices you and you family line went through so wear your blessings well! Don't worry about the haters, favor ain't fair so wear your blessings well! Don't down play the blessings of the Lord, brag on the goodness of God. Wear your blessings well. Others may talk about you but they have not seen the struggle of you or your family. Haters will always hate so wear your blessings well! 
Joel Osteen preached on this and it has set in my heart.  I struggle with this at times, I worry what others are thinking and if I others are happy with what I am doing.  Yes, even with me running I wonder if people are impressed with what I am doing.  This needs to stop!  The Lord has blessed me upon measure, I am living and prospering by His grace and through the sacrifice of me and my family.  
I will continue to give Him thanks and will continue to live and wear the blessings well!  Keishabadger don't give an "ish" what the haters think because what they think is crap, it only goes to show that I am on the right track.  So if you don't like where I am or where I am going...I DON'T CARE.  I will not let you distract me, Satan does that to discourage and to try to get God's children off track.  So what I'm gonna do CONTINUE TO WEAR MY BLESSINGS WELL!
We are not free until we no longer have anything to prove and we are not living to impress people. -Joyce Meyers