Saturday, October 8, 2011

My hips and pelvis feel as if i gave birth!

Oh my dayum! I knew this morning that today was one of those days where I knew the run would SUK.  11.24 miles, kick my tail! first sign of a bad run day, you over sleep.  Yes, the alarm was set and it went off at 5:15 a.m but did i get up....hell no! I thought I was dreaming about bells... mind you I did not realize it was my alarm until in my dream  these dayum bells would not stop.  So here I am up late, with 15 minutes to get dress and out the door to be at the lake at 6:30.  Once there I was walking around like a zombie and told myself I was going to stay in the back of the pack and take it slow and easy.  Sounds like a great plan at first and then we started running.  You know I always run in the front for a avoid the downwind!  I swear what is so freakin hard about washing your clothes and even just taking a bath before you run.  Heck if you cant take a bath, do a wash off!  Just because you are running outside does not mean you can avoid bathing or washing.  If nothing else woke me up the traveling funk sure did.  After about 4 miles of this I gingerly made my way up to the front and smiled as I passed the funk.  instead of smiling Ii should have yelled "wash yo arse next time" but being the lady that I am I left it alone.

Sign number two, potty time and runners stomach.  Now as some of you know during your run there are not many places you can stop and use the bathroom so it is very important you go before you start your run.  unfortunately for me I did not go cause I was running late, big mistake.  All I will say is "go before you go"  your body will thank you when you are in mile 5 and the gas station you passed was at mile 3!

Oh yeah, did i mentioned the run kicked my tail???  11.24 miles of slopes (that is what my pace leader called the),  slope my behind they were freaking hills and we had to run them in training pace.  Do you know how hard it is to run a hill going slow.  I thought my butt was on fire and that my hip joint was pulling from it socket.

 Six miles into the run and i want to stop but I can't because there is no where else to go and also my legs wont let me stop, its almost like I am on autopilot.  My legs keep going and going it almost like they are saying hell we done made it this far why stop now.

Even with so much going on I finished and actually was able to finish strong.  Once Ii stop that is when the adrenaline slows down and I really feel the arse kicking.  My legs, hips and pelvis hurt so bad I felt like I was in labor!  OMG!  I was like WTH, where is the form roller, advil and ice.  Mind you we have another .25 miles to get to the parking lot and each step was a pain in my backside, literally!  Anyway I made it back to the car, stopped for coffee at micky d's (2 cream, 2 splenda) and drove home.  Once home O painstakingly  maneuvered to get out the car, to my shower and to bed.

After all of that, I was thinking about my next run and started to get excited.  That is when it really hit me, I love to run!  no doubt about it I love to run.  some may think I am crazy for running over 11 miles but that is okay,  we all go crazy over the things we love sometime.  I will keep running so bring out the bengay, the advil, the ice and the foam roller and have it next to the door when I come it cause I know Iwill need it.