Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Rest them gams!

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Today is a "rest" other words no running but alternative fitness. Have to give my knees a rest. As much as I hate not running, it is imperative for the body to recover and heal. Over training is not a fallacy it is an actuality and if you are not careful you will be resting for more than a day.

It also important that you have a true recovery or rest period where you can just do you.  I think this is necessary to help prevent injury but also "burnout".  Sometimes we just need a break, like you do from your job.   Use this time to just enjoy the fruits of your labor and have fun!  This is not the time to be thinking about you next workout session or plan your next route, you should already have a schedule for that or a course mapped out.  

The following website "From MS Patient to Fitness Junkie"  has some great tips on resting and how much you should rest.  Read below!

How much rest depends on six factors and includes recuperation, exercise intensity, frequency and duration, nutritional habits and stress itself.
These factors consist of:
How FAST your body recovers (recuperation)
  • How FAST your body recovers (recuperation)
  • How HARD you exercise (intensity)
  • How OFTEN you exercise per week (frequency)
  • How OFTEN, MUCH, WHAT and WHEN you eat (nutrition)
  • How LONG you exercise (duration)
  • How MUCH stress you have or are able to manage in your daily life (stress).
Rest includes:
  • Sleep
  • Nap
  • Days off
  • Hobby
  • Pleasurable activity
  • Talking
  • Something other than previously mentioned that is both enjoyable and restful.

So rest or recover and enjoy, your mind and body will thank you in the end.