Sunday, April 1, 2012

Water it does the body good!

Hi running buds!  We are coming upon warmer temperatures and higher humidity and  I want to wish everyone a safe run.  
Because it will be warmer please take your WATER no matter if you are doing a short jaunt or a long run. We want everyone to stay hydrated and safe.  
Don't depend on the local water fountains, half the time they don't work and you do not want to be stuck out there on the verge of dehydration 5 miles from home.  
Lets try to meet our daily water allowance. As you all can tell this is near and dear to my heart. Our bodies need water. Not tea, not Crystal Lite, not soda but water. Plain Ole H2O. 
 Here is a good rule of thumb:
Drink Water                     How Much?                       When?
Before Exercise              8-16 oz                               At least 15 minutes before workout
During Exercise              4-8 oz                                 Every 15-20 minutes
After Exercise                16-24 oz per pound* lost     As soon as possible
Run smart and Run safe! Happy running!  For any medical questions or concerns please consult you primary care physician.
For more information click on this link : Fluid and Water Needs