Monday, March 21, 2016

Rock and Roll Dallas 2016

My recap Rock and Roll Dallas... COLD, WINDY, over the highway and through the hood up the hill we go!  This was a last minute sign up for me so I did not take the time to review the race course little did I know they changed the route from last year.  

This was the first race I actually worked the expo, it was okay.  I did not see Luke's locker there and it did not seem to be as large as the ones in the past.  Which in my opinion is cool, I have done enough races where I just need to pick up my bib, take a couple of pics and go.

Did I mention it was cold and windy!  Why on race day winter decides to show its glory!  My friend stopped me while i was doing a pre-race jog to take a pic.  You see the smile on my face is like Bruh hurry up its cold!  I think I finally warmed up about mile 2 and I was able to discard my shirt but I kept my gloves.   I loved the cross winds coming back across the bridge to the finish line, I swear I had to go aero at one point.  Just slapping me upside my head like my mama did when I acted up in church.   

The race route was nice but daggggg  did we have to go up the ramp to get to the Margaret Hunt Hill bridge?  I did enjoy the view though!!.  It is a beautiful structure and looking down from it gives you a different perspective of Dallas.  We also ran  thorough some very scenic areas of Dallas.  Love going through the older neighborhoods,   Deep Ellum and looking at the wall art and the building.   Waving to the families sitting and watching the race.  

Now we may have to talk to the RD about dem skeets leading up to the hill at Kressler Park.  WOW they were rough, my ankles was tender by the time I got to the start of the hill. I have lived in Dallas all my life and I don't remember that hill being there.  LOL!!  All joking aside it was still nice.   

I do wish they had more music along the way but the ones they had were pretty cool.  I stopped in frontof the Mavs and danced with them a little bit and I loved the band right before the end with their Addias Warmup singing Push It.  Coming in to the finish, it was fast moving and there was plenty room in the field to get to your gear or sit and chat. I had a great experience and the volunteers were awesome!!!