Sunday, March 6, 2016

Move something

On my ride I saw kids on "Hoverboards".  Some folk may get upset at what I'm going to say but for the cost or even less of a "Hoverboard" you can get your child a nice bike.  Riding a bike improves fitness level, maintains healthy weight, increases creativity and possibly spark a love of cycling!  #getOutandmove #coachK #healthyKidsHealthyAdults #m4w #triheb12dot1
Weekend of bricks done! Legs are spent and I'm hungry.  On my way home saw my girls run/walking the block.  Awesome!  Well I must confess this was not their doing.  I did make a call from the road and told them they better have their tails out of bed, up and moving before I got back.  Whatever it takes right???  Lol!