Thursday, January 7, 2016

Pushing limits

I posted this on my personal Facebook page this week and I was like what the heck Imma post here also.  

I hit a milestone, something I have not been able to do before. Negative splits in the pool! My coach had me do TT (time trials) 3 x 400's and this was the result:  3:04:00, 2:51:00, 2:27:00 / 100yds.

I'm not a fast swimmer very middle of the pack or more then not back of the pack.  I want to change that.  This season I come to kick a$$ so watch out there now!  

This can only make me a better performer and coach.  I struggle like everyone else and I have to push like everyone else.  I can't expect others to push if I don't. Let this year be the year of pushing beyond!   Coach K!