Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Make 1Day a Raw Day!

I am starting something new. I currently have meatless Monday but I want to add another themed food day. Make it RAW Tuesday!!
RAW...yes raw! What is raw? In short eating raw is consuming uncooked nutrient dense living foods. Plants, sprouted beans, grains, fruits, veggies, raw nuts unprocessed while foods.

An example of a raw breakfast can consist of fruit, granola, protein shakes with almond milk. Organic peanut butter on Ezekiel bread.
Others foods you can eat guacamole, salas, pics de gallo, mango & a acorn chutney with raw veggies. Chickpeas on a bread of salad greens serves with lime juice and olive oil.
Although Greek yogurt is not raw I would add it in for the nutritional factor. Look I will do raw but I'm not totally 100% raw. I think for me raw day should be at least 85% raw day.

So lets try this together pick a day and make it Raw!!!!