Tuesday, December 11, 2012

2012 Metro PCS Dallas Marathon

 Ok am I the only one that feels that prepping the night before the race is like getting ready for the 1st day of school!!! Clothes, belts, fuel, shoes... Lol!

I LOVE PACING! Andrew and I came in at 2:29:35. The humidity SUKED but we are DRC dagnabit (can't curse) and we ALL handed the weather its butt in a bowl of sweat and awesomeness!
I pace people all the time but pacing a race is an experience I will never forget. I cannot explain how it feels to bring runners to the finish and have them tell you they could not have done it without you. Pacing a race usually means you are running slower then you normally run and you cannot PR but to see the expressions and hear the joy from the barrage of runners is awesome!! To encourage a CORRAL of people and to keep them at their goal is humbling!!!! I look forward to pacing more halfs in the future.

OMGOSH!!!!!! I almost teared up! I did not realize the magnitude of people behind me in my pace group! This is surreal!!! Im holding the 2:30 sign
Just wanted to share this pic with you all. As you can see I'm the only sista pacing the half in the Dallas Marathon (over 25,000 runners). I would love to see more of us doing things like this. I would love to let the world know that Black Folk in the U.S run long distances and able to hang. I want to world to see we are here!
 Yesterday half was a training run, today is a rest day but training never stops will be back in the pavement Tues for speed work. I have a time goal to run the little rock marathon. 11 weeks..9 weeks to train and 2 weeks to taper.