Sunday, December 2, 2012

Its all mental

Talk about a mental challenge! Today is the 1st day I have not done a long run in a long time because I have "grounded" myself to let my hip rest. This is hard for me, I always feel I have to be doing something. This just goes back to what I was saying that sometimes we are brought down or brought to our knees for healing, reflection and rest. I feel great, my hip feels better but my mind is like I need to be doing something! So I am doing something, drinking my coffee and sittin my tail down! LOL!! I say this to say that we must REST our bodies if we are in this for the long run. For some running is just a thing to see who can do it the fastest for others it is a lifestyle that we want to carry over into our seasoned years. This is not a fly by night fad, this is part of my life and like anything that effects my life it takes discipline and humbleness to make it better. Run smart Run Safe and Run it dirty!