Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last Run of the year by ragoobir1 at Garmin Connect - Details

Mid Point Route!

This was actually a 7 miler but my Garmin did not auto resume! That is the worst feeling when you running your butt off and the dayum tracker is not recording.

Well anyway, the run started off GREAT then got reallll painful. Lets just say I need to stock up on body glide. It was so bad I had to walk and at time slow down to a crawl. Not only that I was SUPER dehydrated and hungry.

I also made a short shout out video at about 4.75 miles into my run and you can really tell how tired I am. I so wanted to call my husband and tell me to come and pick my butt up. That is very tempting when you are tired, hot , hungry and thirsty. I managed to just keep moving 4word and kept telling myself I had a short time to go.

So what did I learn from this run? Hydration, Proper fueling, I have to lose weight in my thighs, and Body Glide.

I want to shout out to my family, friends, FB'ers, my running sibling, The Night Train, my DM'ers, the DRC and all the friends I have met along the way. You all have may a great impact in my running and myself. Thank you all and I will see and talk to you nex year!

Mid Point Run and Shout Out