Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Why do I do it?

Exercise should be a fundamental part of your life as breathing. Not so you can get skinny, get "fine" or to impress others but to live and live healthy. Everything else is just a benefit

No matter how you get your exercise on just do it.  I choose to run and I am in love with running.  When I am out on the pavement in the open I am free to just go.  No enclosures, no noise but I music, no kids yelling or no boss hounding me just me and the road.

I never thought I could go the distance because when I started it was yes hell at times.  Sometimes I just wanted to say "the hell with it,  this ish hurts"  but I never stopped.  I may had slowed down a bit but I never stopped.

Competing in my first half marathon had showed me a lot.  No matter how hard I trained it is nothing like the actual race.  I faced more hills and dips and turns in the race then any training run.  Yes, it hurt and my legs were heavy, my feet were blister and I could feel my toenail coming off but I never stopped.  I may had slowed my pace but I never stopped.

The times I wanted to slow to a walk, even though I was like it's okay you can walk I quickly changed my mind and said NO! I told myself  before the race I would keep going I would run this sucka until I crossed the finish line.

As I kept running, I was thinking only 4 more miles then my Garmin would beep and the count down began.  It is so true the last .25 miles is the worse you are like were is the freaking finish line, Lawd plese let there be a finish line. So yes there is a finish line and  I crossed it and not only did I crossed I DANCED across the line! 

So here I am loving every minute of my experience and anxiously waiting for my next run.  I only hope to inspire others to do the same.  It may not be running, it could be anything that brings you joy and health.