Saturday, November 5, 2011

Running nerves

My 1st official half is tomorrow morning and i am excited!  I am laid up right now with a headache and stomach cramps but i'll be dayum of i miss this.  I just have to git every porta-potty out there if i have to!

Now i have to concentrate on not only getting better but travel planning to the race and my favorite carb loading.  I am to meet my run group at Boca de Pepi tonight foe mounds of spaghetti.  Aw yeah.

I so wish i could have some sort of hat cam or be able to text my experience tomorrow and do a live deal but i aint got it like that so alyuh just have to wait for my updates after the race.

Anyway i will try to find an app on my phone that will allow live tracking so you can see where i am during the race.  So wish me the best and happy badering!