Saturday, November 5, 2011

Preparing for the runs

OMGosh it is like getting ready to go on a trip!  I have to make sure everything is in order from clothes to music.  I am excited and I hope I can get some good sleep tonight because it is an early wake up call tomorrow.  I will catch the train around 6:50 in the morning to make it to the race at 7:30. 

So now I have to put on my PMP hat and create my checklist so all I have to do is get ready and go out the door.

T-minus 12 hours
11/5/11:  Hydrate and Carb up at Boca di Pepe
Fuel hydration belt with block shots and honey stingers
1/2 Gatarade/Water Bottles
Heart Monitor
Tiger Balm for after the run
Clothes: 2 set warmer and cooler weather
  • shorts or long tights
  • Dri-Tee short or long sleeves
  • compression socks (Pink CEP)
  • running shoes  
 Yep I am all set for tomorrow.  Keep rooting for me and wish me the best!