Monday, January 5, 2015

TriHeb12.1 Galveston Journey

My 1st training was today at Playtri located  in Dallas.  Today's session was pretty simple or fairly easy workout...strength training and continuous movement.  I don't want to get cocky and think all my workouts will be like today.  I will not underestimate what is to come and overwork because I feel I'm not working hard enough.  I know they will start to kick my butt as time goes on!  So I will continue to follow the plan is given and if time allows add additional workouts to the plan so I will not lose any endurance, especially  to the swim portion.  Overall I had a good time tonight and I am excited of what is to come.  Today we did lower body, core work and shoulder strengthening movement such as rows and shoulder press.  Mind set is continuous movement with proper form all things mimicking the movements and flow of a triathlon.  Between Playtri and DRC I better be ripped at the end of the season!  Lol!