Saturday, January 10, 2015

TriHeb12.1 Galveston Journey 1/9/15

Team Mates
Im baaaack!  I am going to be dead tired today.  Not because I had a hard work out session but because I was up very early today.  Not only did I have a cycle session with Playtri, but we also started the Spring season with DRC!  So I was up early and excited!  HA!

I was suppose to run 6 miles but I had to cut it short because I needed to get back to my car to make it to Playtri in time to set my bike up on the trainer.  If you don't know what a trainer is think of it as a treadmill for a bike.  It is mentally draining as a treadmill because you just spin and spin and spin. 

Redbone on a trainer
There she is (Redbone) behind me on that green stationary thing called a trainer.  I call my bike Redbone because she is red and is bad to the bone.  I love my roadie!  Anyway lets get back to business.  

Today we focused on  body positioning on the time and keeping cadence while maneuvering through high and low gears.  This sounds easier then it is.  Optimal is 90 revolutions,  so we wanted to keep  our cadence between 80 - 90. 

After 40 mins on the bike we finished up with squats with weights and with out and walk outs.  All in all a fun workout but I know they will get tougher so I will enjoy this down time for now.  Tomorrow SWIM!

 Coach discussing types of bike.