Saturday, August 9, 2014

Humid runs make for wet butts!

Today's long run Saturday and it's a hot and humid day,  one of those days where you just thankful that you own a hydration belt.  
Today we got in 6 miles of our half marathon training and groups were wonderful.  
 I am so overjoyed when I look at others who are enthusiastic about running and running correctly they want to know how to run correctly.  
This run like I said it was humid and when I finish it looked as if I just ran through a downpour. Everything was wer from my hat to my socks.   
I am so glad that I bought the seat covers because recently my towels have not been able to do the job.  Whoever came up with the idea for the seatcover thank you from the bottom of my heart my car doesn't smell like a sweatshop in my seats are actually dry!!  
No more sweaty wer butt seat!  Lolol