Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Salomon Park Hydro Handset

The Salmon Park Hydro Handset features a 16 oz (500mL) soft flask that collapses as you drink to prevent liquid from sloshing and a unique hand strap that allows your hand to stay relaxed. The soft mesh hand strap can be worn on your left or right hand, and in several different ways so you always find a comfortable position.

 A mesh zipper pocket is big enough to fit an iPhone, keys and gels, while a small open mesh pocket fits a single energy gel, ID or key; reflective details increase visibility in low-light conditions.  www.runningwarehouse.com

As we all know hydration is essential for health and performance but if you are anything like me you hate to hold, carry or wear anything extra when you go for a run especially when it is blazing hot.  The extra weight is tiring, cumbersome and very irritating.  A handheld can cause your hands to get crampy and a waist belt can rub against your skin and can feel off balance.  

I need water so I searched for a new hydration system and came across the Solomon Park Hydro Handset.  After reading the website description I figure what the heck let me give it a try.  

The maker claims "Park Hydro fits comfortably in your hand, with a stretch carrying system and 500ml flask that compresses as you drink. Small external pocket fits a car key, mobile phone, MP3 player, or gels"  

I placed my order and as always running warehouse delivered quickly and without incident.  Once i opened the package, i was somewhat surprised as the sized of the bottle, not sure why I expected it to be daintier but it was bigger then what I expected.  The manufacturer claims one size fits all .

Well over all it did what it was suppose to do.  It was a little awkward being on my wrist and i felt myself compensating for the weight not that it is extremely heavy but it is something you have to take in consideration when running.  

I continued to  grab the handset as if it was a handheld bottle, I think this was more out of habit.  As soon as I learned to relax my hand my arm swing was a little smoother.  What I did have an issue with was when the bottled started to empty I had to adjust the straps because it was really loose around my wrist.  Oh yeah and then you get that swishy sound that may cause some folks to do the hold the peepee run. 

 Another thing is that since I run with just a sports bra the material kept rubbing against me.  Quick arm adjustment and I was fine.  Not to much of an adjustment where my gait was off but similar to what you would do if you have on a hydration belt.  I did looooove the room of the pockets I was able to put my phone, keys and GU with no issue.  Love the storage and it did not alter the feel of the hydration system

Overall the product is good, Im not overly WOWED but it will do the job.  The cost in my opinion is a little high but Im cheap so that ain't saying much.   Love the roomy pockets, and the material is comfortable, nice and airy.  Bottles are easy to fill and I am able to order replacements.  It is a one size fit all with an adjustable belt, now I used all three sizes (S, M, L)and it all felt the same to me.  Easy to strap on and adjust BUT it takes a little time to get use to the weight on your wrist.  I have to take this out for a few more runs and see if I can break it in a little more.  They do have a newer version but I will have to check that out when I get paid again. Aint none of this is free!  LOLOL!

Overall Scale of 1 - 5.... 3.5



  • Hand-held water carrier
  • 18 oz/500ml Soft Flask with blaster valve included
  • Small external pocket fits a car key, cell phone, MP3 player, or gels
  • One size fits all design
  • Reflective for visibility
  • Weight: 2.8 oz


  • 70D Ripstop nylon with polyurethane
  • Elastic Power Mesh
  • 3D Mesh
  • Fast wicking fabrics
  • Elastic jersey material
  • PVC, Phthalate, and BPA -free