Thursday, June 12, 2014

Fit Friend Spotlight Ve Byrd

This morning I had a few people in mind who I wanted to highlight today for Fit Friend but after seeing a response to a post I knew exactly who I wanted to spotlight! Ve Byrd, I want to thank you for not only being active in this June Challenge but also taking it a step further and documenting your journey. Documenting has helped her realize where she is, needs to be and helps keep her on track. I have known Ve for a long time. She is a riot and will have you rolling laughing if not cussing! LOL She has a beautiful smile that is always camera ready (I dont know how she does it) and her hair is FIERCE!! She was a run lead for BGR, a bad arse when she did Crossfit, boxing and also ran with a Tribe called Sprinters. Lets give a virtual hand clap and a high 5 with a hootie-hoo for Ve!!!! Love you BOO!!!!