Friday, August 2, 2013

Im open

Im not a fast runner I am more of what you will call the middle of the pack runner but there are times when I do "open up" and I leave it on the pavement.  There is an expression we say in the church leave it at the alter, leave your burdens and cares there. That is what I feel like when "I open up" and I leave it on the pavement.  My breathing is in sync with my feet. My speed increases and I dont even realize it.   My head is high and my chest is open.  When I open up and leave it on the pavement, my mind is clear and Im not thinking of anything but I only feel the loving relationship between the bottom of my feet and the street.  Each rhythmic step chimes in to keep me in line and focus.  Nothing is heavy all my burdens are gone for that moment in time.  My eyes are focused on nothing, but i am looking straight ahead.  I have left it on the pavement.  Be Blessed guys!